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Platform for collaboration and trade between cosmetics, perfume and personal care companies. Open to the entire value chain: brands, distributors, suppliers, packaging, manufacturers, service companies, training entities and innovation agents.

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GCC.eu B2B Businessplace features

Find out why you are interested in participating in this B2B platform

  • Business Development

    Business Development

    Access to the largest professional ecosystem in the industry, discover and contact with business development opportunities.

  • Interesting news

    Interesting news

    Publication of technological and scientific news, trends or innovation opportunities to improve the competitiveness of your company.

  • Offers and demands

    Offers and demands

    Find all the offers and demands published by the users of the registered companies and position your company as a valuable partner.

  • Favourites and alerts

    Favourites and alerts

    Customized system of alerts by categories and favorites. Fully configurable to facilitate the monitoring of publications.

  • Business Directory

    Business Directory

    Search engine for companies categorised according to their activity in the industry’s value chain or the type of products they work with.

  • International connection

    International connection

    Share your needs with companies from multiple international regions to expand your chances of solving your demands with the optimum partner.

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Answers to some questions you may have now

  • Is it free to register at the GCC.eu B2B Businessplace?

    The registration is completely free and exclusive for all members of the clusters involved in the project. You can see all the clusters participants below this FAQs.

  • Is there a limit to the number of users per company?

    No. A company has no limit of professionals to register in the GCC.eu B2B Businessplace.

  • How can I answer a demand or offer with my proposal?

    The platform itself allows you to contact directly the person who has published that demand, either in public or anonymously.

    The proposal you make will be sent directly to the interested partner’s e-mail address and they will also be able to reply to your e-mail.

  • Do I have to access to GCC.eu B2B Businessplace every day to be informed?

    It is not necessary. You can configure your alerts to know the offers, demands and news that are published. In addition, you will be able to configure them according to the topics that are of your interest to receive only those that have to do with your business area.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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